​​​Your Kind of Outdoor Shooting Range
The Txgunrange is a one of a kind outdoor Range located just south of DFW's Hwy 360 and Hwy 287 between Mansfield and Midlothian. We have an easy location, whether you are coming from Dallas or Fort Worth. We offer 30 handgun lanes at 3-25 yards, 30 rifle lanes at 50 yards, and 10 rifle lanes at 100 yards. Trap / clay facility also open. We provide range safety officers at each location for your utmost safety. The entire range goes "
hot" for 15 minutes and "cold" for 5 minutes.  We believe you will find us the safest, friendliest range you have ever experienced!


Our goal is for every person that visits the range to have a great safe experience. We have the largest berm in North Texas. Range safety officers are at each shooting location. All firearms must be unloaded unless on the firing line, except employees. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for safety!

Public Range 

Family safe environment

Handgun / pistol range - 3,7,15 yard

Longgun / rifle range - 25, 50, 100 yard

Shotgun area - clay pigeons

LTC Classes

Gun Transfers

Private lessons

Women exclusive LTC classes available

Corporate events, 

Bachelor parties - alcoholic free

Private rental of range

Safety classes

Ages 9 yo and up welcome with parent

FMJ ammo allowed

All LTC instructors welcome to range

Texas to lower the LTC fee!

Please keep all long guns  / rifles pointed down!

Safety First, Safety Last

Our range is a friendly place for family and females (men too). We are the only range in Texas with a female manager and co-owner. Half of the staff is also female - just a coincidence. 

Membership Required

Family and Female friendly 

​LTC /  CHL classes here

Our Services

We offer concealed handgun classes for everyone and women only for $75.00. We also offer other gun safety classes. Private lessons are $#0 for 30 minutes.           Gun transfers are also available for $25.00

Latest News

We are a membership only gun range open to the public. Membership is $10.00 annually and a daily fee of $15.00 for 1 shooting lane at a time.​

Insurance requires all people on the range BEYOND the fence to be range staff or paying members. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for range safety. Your attitude is part of range safety - be courteous!

​We allow all CHL instructors to use our range after paying the range fees.

​​​​​Keeping America's Heritage Alive

Thurs & Friday - 9 - 5 pm 

Sat & Sunday - 9 - 5 pm 

​​​​​5761 West Hwy 287, Midlothian, TX   469-487-4810