1. Are guns available for rent at you facility?

Sorry, we do not rent guns. (Also no cannons, explosives or tannerite are allowed  at Tx gun Range- yes we have been asked these repeatedly - no Howitzer firing question yet.) Muzzleloaders - come on down!

2. Is a gun part of the daily fee?

Please see Question 1. Gun rentals are NOT part of the daily fee and they are not available to be rented. (YES, Someone actually thought that free use of a gun and Free Bullets was part of the $15 daily fee.) The daily fee is for 1 shooting lane at a time.

3.  Are there any discounts?

Yes. Free annual membership to military and law enforcement (Not spouses or dependents). Sorry, no discount on the daily fee as we have bills to pay like everyone else. Tips are a nice gesture to your favorite range safety officer. (Also, giving someone a fruit pie always makes them smile - hint, hint -Range Master).

4.  Is  "The customer always right" at Tx Gun Range?

No."Safety is ALWAYS Right"! Safety is our primary and secondary concern here at Tx Gun Range. We strive to have every customer leave in the same manner they arrived. So, if one of the safety employees (All employees are safety employees) ask you to do something or stops you from doing something - it is for the safety of everyone at the range. Remember, we are here try make sure everyone has a safe experience.  Also. we are a family atmosphere, so your attitude makes a difference - please be courteous and pleasant.

We are all here to have fun, but SAFETY comes FIRST and second!

5. What are the 3 most common rules violations?

Great Question - Muzzle Flashing (Always keep the muzzle pointed down range and your finger off the trigger until you are immediately ready to shoot),

Not staying behind the red safety line when the range is cold (When the range is "cold" no one will be allowed to handle their weapons and must stay behind the RED line and change targets at the direction of the RSO ( Range Safety Officer ). This is for the safety of all concerned as you are now allowed to move and change targets. When the RSO calls the range cold, open the action on your gun (pistol, rifle, muzzleloader or shotgun); drop your magazine or empty weapon; grab any items you want to have off the table for the duration of the Cold time. Take your target that you will place on the target stand. PLEASE do not cross the red line to get anything off the table  and lastly - NOT waiting a minimum of 1 second between shots (Expect to lose your membership permanently). 

6. I am visiting and only plan to be here once, do I really have to have a membership and pay a daily fee?

Yes. Everyone Must read the waiver and rules and sign the waiver (and pay the daily fee ) BEFORE they are allowed on the range.

 7. My son / daughter / friend / favorite alien is visiting. Do they have to get a membership and daily fee?

Yes - EVERYONE. Please see FAQ #6.

8. Do you sell guns and do FFL gun transfers?

Yes, just our favorite guns, like certain pistols,Ar's and some shotguns. Please call us at 469-487-4810.

The range is also available for Private lessons; private events and corporate events. Just call.

9. Why can't I wear flip flops on the range?

​SAFETY.  Hot brass can fall on your exposed feet while wearing flipflops and cause severe injury to you or someone else (if your finger is on the trigger).  Same applies to bathing suits, loose clothing, etc...

10.  Do you charge per range area or per gun like other ranges?

 NO. the annual membership and daily range fee gives you access to the handgun range and rifle ranges All day.  You will be issued a color wrist band for the entire day usage. If you use shotguns in the clay area, you must purchase the clay pigeons from us.

11. Can I really shoot Full Metal Jacket Ammo (FMJ) at you range?

Yes. Our shooting berm exceeds the NRA guidelines and is over 50 ft thick so FMJ ammo. We are the Only range in the DFW area that allows FMJ because our berm is the only one that exceeds the NRA guidelines; so the berm is thick enough for the FMJ ammo.  (The owners are sticklers for details . here they come - act like you are having fun).

12. I am getting divorced, can I bring my old wedding dress to the shotgun area to destroy?

(We were actually asked this - we cannot make this stuff up!).

No, but you could donate your beautiful wedding dress to angel gowns and they will make a precious item from your wedding dress for a baby that went to heaven. ( http://www.nicuhelpinghands.org/programs/angel-gown-program/ ) .

13. If I call and you answer the phone, are you open?

MOST LIKELY (Yes, we are asked this repeatedly. Repeatedly, Repeatedly). [ Please don't ask this question].

14. Do you have a website?

( Yes, we had that question sent to us, by an adult, via the contact page on this website. They could be next to you, right now-.)

Yes we have a website and a facebook  - check them for updates regularly.

15. What's the BEST way to end  the FAQ page?( A self imposed question)

Look at the clock and realize it is 1:59 am and say, "God Bless and Good night. "

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